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05.14.2019 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Workshop SDGs for members only!


Leadership & Reporting


The Blueprint of SDG leadership and the report regarding SDG-reporting are launched last year by UNGC. Cor Marijs and Linda Midgley worked on it with UNGC.


Cor Marijs, Vivid Economics, he was involved in writing the UNGC publication of 'Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs' that came out in 2017. With this publication they inspired companies, regardless of size, sector or geography,  to inspire them to take action. 


Linda Midgley, PwC, was also involved in a publication of UNGC. She was involved in writing the UNGC and GRI publication 'SDG reporting'. 


Cor Marijs and Linda Midgley share their insights with us during the workshop ‘SDGs, leadership and reporting’. If you want to learn more how to advance working on the SDGs in your own company, sign up now!